Baba ka dhaba

Now you can order baba ka dhaba’s food online on Zomato. Baba ka dhaba came to the light after when one youtuber uploaded an emotion video on youtube and Instagram. In that video they showed a 80 years old couple are struggling to get enough money through selling a food at a Malviya Nagar New Delhi. Kanta prasad and badami devi sell food at their little dhaba since 1988. Baba ka dhaba’s video uploaded on 7th October at swaad official YouTube channel and Instagram handle. This emotional  video went viral overnight. 

Only in Instagram people watch this video more than 30 million times. This video got an immense support through all over India.

Many big celebrities, politicians and news channel shardthis video for the support on social media for baba ka dhaba.

After very next day a huge number of people gathered at baba ka dhaba for showing their support and love. 

baba ka dhab

Harsh beniwal a famous youtuber went there personally to meet and support baba ka dhaba. Not only harsh beniwal  but Somnath Bharti the MLA of AAM party  had also visited baba ka dhaba and promised to be with them. 

Many news channels  like NDTV, AAJ TAK, ZEE NEWS Etc. Had  also visited at baba ka dhaba and took interview of hardworking couple. 

baba ka dhaba

Baba ka dhaba got many NGO support and funds also. In one interview Kanta prasad said that ” Its feeling like that the whole India with us”. 

baba ka dhaba

In India there are a lot of people who are struggling to get enough food. After lockdown every one is facing many problem but road side street vendors faced a lot. Its High time to support them too. I urge you to please support our local vendors also. Buy something from them also.



Vocal for Local. 

baba ka dhaba
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