Monsoon or rainy season is a season, which is loved by almost everyone isn’t? In monsoon, Temperature is not so hot and not so cold.The weather is very and soothing in this season. Everyone wants to enjoy their monsoon with delicious foods which make this season more enjoyable and more lovable. Here we have a special food list which we love to eat in monsoon seasons. Here we go !!!!

Adrak wali chaai is a love for chaai lovers and in rainy seasons without adrak wali chaai in rainy season is nothing. That’s why adrak wali chai is in top monsoon special foods. Rain plus tea is a complete combination. Some people love masala chaai and some people love adrak wali chaai. Both are quite similar in a way. Adrak wali chaai is a traditionally a ginger tea. The combination of hot tea and cold rain is completely incredible. You must try this combination for sure in this monsoon.

Pakora and bhaaji Ah!!!. Having pakora in rain is a blessing. It is raining and you are on street with lots of pakora and bhaaji that moment is really enjoyable and relaxable from all your tension. You will forget all the tention and worries of your life and will live that moment. Street site pakora’s is very tasty everyone love to eat this. Pakora taste better with tea and having this combination in raining like a dream comes true situation. Pakora and bhaaji is at 2nd position in top monsoon special food. You must this combination in this rainy season and make it memorable.

In monsoon bhutts is a first love for many people. Bhutta is at 3rd position in top monsoon special foods. Bhutta is basically a corn stick which we cook on a coal in a traditional way. Bhutta is very healthy and tasty. Some people eat boiled corn which we called challi in desi language. Bhutta taste very delicious with the flavour of red chilli, black paper and lemon juice which gives our mouth a unique sweet and tangy taste.

Chicken fry is most demanded food by non vegetarian in rainy season. The combination of chicken fry and rain is very lovable for all non vegetarian. The crunchy and spicy taste of chicken fry taste better with green mint chutney and onion. Chicken fry is my favourite in top monsoon special foods. I personally love to eat chicken fry with green chutney, onion and one glass of coke. If you also love chicken fry then you shoul also try this combination in this rainy season.

Soup is one of the demanded healthy food in delhi while raining and it is at 5th place in top monsoon special foods. Soup is healthy because it has many boiled vegetables in that. Soup has many varieties like veg and non-veg all kind of soup are easily available in market. Soup is a better option for that who are suffering from cold and throat problems because its hot so its help to recover. So if you want to enjoy rainy season but you have got throat problem so you can enjoy it with soup.

Eating hot crunchy samosa while raining make your day complete. Somosa is very oridanary street food but the value of this street food in rain is extremely high. Samosa is always in top monsoon special foods. Samosa is very tasty and while raining its become more tastier. You must try samosa at least once in this monsoon.

Momos is very famous fast food in Indian nowadays. Its a Chinese cuisine which is loved by Indians very much. They eat momos with spicy chutney and mayonnaise. Momos is loved by all the generation. Its a best option to eat momos while raining because its too hot and too yummy. So when the weather is cold and you are having something hot, this hot & cold combination is really amazing. So try to eat hot momos while raining.

Chaat is very old snack which is one of the famous snack nowadays also. Chaat is mostly loved by the 3rd generation. Its very tasty snacks to eat while raining. In our childhood when we were coming to home from school and rain came we ate this amazing chaat by roadside and enjoyed a lot. Nowadays people are going to eat chaat at evening and live their day a fullest. There are many varieties in chaat like aaloo chaat, raj kachori, bhel puri, chana chaat and many more delicious chaat. Chaat is one of the famous street food in india. You should at least try to eat one of them in this monsoon.

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